About Us

PCP.co is a Compton-based company from a self-made entrepreneur. We are a small business trying to spread positivity in a hectic world. Our goal is to create a clothing company that has comfortable, exclusive, and affordable apparel for all age groups and ethnic backgrounds. 

This company is based on quality. We are proud of the merchandise we produce and provide to each and every customer. This is primarily because we would not want a bad experience to happen to ourselves when dealing with online or real-life purchases. 

We've seen enough to come to the conclusion that living within minority communities brings out the evil in many, so PCP.co isn't just a brand; it's hope for all the children and adults in communities that are surrounded by negative influences. 

The brand itself is a child's dream coming to existence. With the support of each customer, fan, and visitor we will be able to expand in products and keep our prices low. Through each customer's contribution we are able to create more designs and merchandise for the near future.

Thank you to everyone who has taken their time to visit our website and social media account, let alone purchase merch from our team. Please continue to tag @pcp.co on your posts. Everyone's support is highly valued. In all honesty, none of this would be possible without your help!